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hudson, eau claire, menomonie, and new richmond wi should look no further for custom concrete

Custom concrete countertops are HOT right now.  For years everyone was programmed to buy granite or marble.  Ask any designer, now that everybody has it, people are looking for the next new thing.  What's new?  Look no further!  We will show you! A custom decorative concrete countertop is the up and coming thing.  Let us help you customize the look of your countertop.  We know you will love what you will see.  ​​


What will it be??  The game room? The family room?  Or maybe you are wanting the whole basement done.  NO PROBLEM!  We are looking forward to helping you.  Click below and see what our custom concrete finishes can do for you!

A beautiful exterior adds serious appeal.  In just a few short days, our skilled installers can transform your patio, driveway or any other area into the envy of any neighborhood.  Please click below and see what our custom decorative concrete finishes can do for you.  



Often times when you hear of something that is decorative you cannot touch it because it might break.  However our custom decorative concrete floors are as tough as... well, concrete!

Below is where you get to decide what part of your house deserves a new custom concrete floor!  Will it be outside by the BBQ?  Maybe the patio?  Will it be in your basement?  We can help you do them all!  We want to make sure that whatever you decide that you will be pleased with the outcome.  Please check out what we can do and let us know how we can best serve you!