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Maintaining Your New Epoxy Floor Coating

Congratulations on your new epoxy floor.  You will be able to benefit and appreciate your epoxy floor for many years to come.  We would like to take a couple of minutes and let you know some basic tips when it comes to caring for the new member of your family.  Take a look, and let us show you just how easy and low maintenance your epoxy floor can be! 

Epoxy Floor Coatings for hudson, eau claire, menomonie, and new richmond wi best place for epoxy floor coatings

Anti-static or Electrostatic discharge (ESD) causes a shocking $5 Billion in lost profits annually.  Protect yourself with Conductive and Static Dissipative floor coatings.  Just walking across the floor can generate as much as 3,000 volts.  It takes as little as 10 volts to cause damage to sensitive equipment and products, even ignition of flammable solvents and chemicals.  

Anti-Static, ESD Floors, and Industrial Coatings

Epoxy floors are beautiful, durable, and let's just face it... they are awesome.  This is an opportunity to express yourself on a surface that you might have overlooked in the past.  WE CAN HELP!  Let our professionals show you some samples of different types of epoxy floors and what they can look like.  We will help you decide what type of epoxy is best for you, and show you what can be done to make your garage, home, or place of business really stand out!​  Also, if you like to know the science behind epoxy, you are going to want to click here.  

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Most people have never heard of a polyurea coating before.  What is it?  And under what circumstances might you need one?  Let's find out.  Give us a couple of minutes and allow us to explain just what the differences and benefits are between a polyurea and epoxy floor coating.  We will see what is best for you.  Please keep in mind we are here to serve you.  Contact us with any questions about polyurea or epoxy coatings for your home, garage, or business. 

Polyurea Floors

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

This is the first thing that we see when we pull into our home.  We certainly want it to not only look its best, but also have our personality in it as well.  We at SLEEK SURFACES understand this.  Please look over the different samples and colors, and pick what one is best for you.  Also if you don't see what you like, you can customize the colors to best suit your distinctive tastes.