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There is an abundance of confusion today from homeowners looking to put an epoxy finish down on their garage floors.  Should it be epoxy paint or an epoxy coating?  Is there a difference? .

The term “epoxy paint” came about when epoxy manufactures noticed all the searches on the internet for that term when people wanted an epoxy coating for their garage floors.  So a marketing decision was made and many of the DIY epoxy product manufacturers decided to brand it as “epoxy paint” since that is what consumers seemed to be calling it.

As a result, chances are that when you see something advertised as epoxy paint for your garage, it is most likely an epoxy coating.  So what is an epoxy coating then?

The ease of application and thickness of the epoxy is dependent on the volume of solids content.  It is shown as a percentage.  In other words, 100% solids epoxy means that you have 100% of the product on the floor after it cures.  50% solids mean that you have 50% of the product remaining on the floor.  

 A high solids content epoxy puts a thicker coating down on the floor while the lesser solids content epoxies put down a thinner coat.  This is known as dry film thickness or DFT.

Many of the inexpensive “DIY” epoxy paint kits that you can buy at the local home improvement centers and online have as little as 48% solids.  This means that it is easier to apply as well as cheaper to buy because the solids content is lower along with the quality.  It goes on the floor almost as easy as paint does and dries (cures) quicker than epoxies with a higher solids content.

This is what makes these kits so popular to purchase.  They can be applied to your garage floor much more easily compared to the more premium epoxy coat systems.

Keep in mind that it also means you have much less of it on the floor resulting in a much thinner coat.  This affects the durability of the coating and quality of the product when compared to epoxy brands with a higher solids content.

At Sleek Surfaces we make sure that we put only the best epoxy coating on your garage floor.  Please give us a call today.  To read more about epoxy garage paints vs. epoxy garage coatings please click here for a great article.     Also if you would like to get a professional opinion on epoxy paint kits, click here



One of the primary reasons for having an epoxy garage floor coating is for the ease of maintenance.  But with that being said, everything needs to be cleaned.  There are some basic cleaning tips for epoxy garage floors that you should be aware of however that will help insure a nice clean surface for years to come.

Keep in mind these same cleaning tips apply to polyurethane top coats, and polyaspartic or polyurea coatings as well.

The first thing you want to do is get yourself a quality dust mop. 

Since dust and dirt do not stick to the epoxy floor, just use the dust mop once a week.  They even work well for floors that have a polymer anti-slip additive in the surface.  For floor coatings with an aggressive anti-slip aggregate such as aluminum oxide, a soft bristle push broom is the better choice.

If you have contraction joints or saw cuts in the floor that are exposed, vacuum these out monthly or use a broom to sweep them clean of debris.

Spot cleaning for spills and fluid leaks from cars are easily wiped up with a soft cloth.  You can usually clean the area with a shot of Windex if the spill has left a film.


For epoxy garage floors that see a lot of traffic and dirt, it’s a good idea to give your epoxy garage floor a good cleaning once every 3 or 4 months.  The best cleaning tool for this is a quality hard foam mop with a cleaning solution.  Do not use a string mop.  These don’t clean as well and can leave streaks.

A cheap and “GREEN” solution that works well for regular cleaning is ½ a cup of ammonia to a gallon of hot water in a bucket.  Apply it using the foam mop and be sure to rinse the mop frequently in the bucket of hot water to rid it of the dirty residue.

When using these methods, you can just let the floor air dry or wipe it dry with a clean towel.

For stubborn spots on your epoxy floor, we recommend using a stiff nylon brush to scrub the area along with a strong solution of Simple Green if necessary.  Be careful if using a green scrub pad.  These can work well but depending on the quality of your epoxy garage coating, they can degloss the surface somewhat if you scrub too hard.

Marks left by tires can be the toughest to remove if not cleaned regularly.  Click here for a great article to learn the best way to clean stubborn tire marks from your epoxy garage floor. 

For rust stains or stubborn salt film, we recommend using a 1:1 ratio of CLR and warm water.  Apply it directly to the rust spot using a scrub brush or scrub pad and then rinse with cold clean water.  Do not let it sit for more than a minute or two on the surface.

When cleaning your epoxy garage floor coating, do not use citrus cleaners or vinegar.  These types of cleaners contain acids that can slowly degloss the finish of your epoxy over time.

Don’t use cleaners with soap in them as well.  Soap can leave streak marks and a hazy film on the surface that reduces the shine from the finish.  It can also make the epoxy garge floor much more slippery when it gets wet.

Once you learn how to maintain your epoxy garage floor coating, just use these cleaning tips and methods for your quick and easy epoxy garage floor maintenance.  Please click here to see more tips from this article on how to clean your epoxy garage floor.



For a permanent solution to a slippery garage floor you need to consider an epoxy garage floor.  This can create a non-slip surface.  These will virtually eliminate the need for non-slip mats, carpet runners, and in some cases even containment mats.

Sleek Surfaces can add anti-slip grit to your epoxy garage floor.  The anti-skid additive is applied to the mix of the final coat to create a surface that is soft enough to walk on in your bare feet, yet gritty enough to prevent slip/fall accidents in slippery conditions.

Painting your garage floor with an epoxy paint and adding the anti-slip grit may be cheaper, however in the long run you will experience difficulties.  One big drawback  is that a garage floor that has been painted or epoxy painted needs to be redone every year or so depending on traffic.  Our epoxy garage floor coatings can and will not only last for very long time, but will be something that you will be proud of for years to come. 

For a great article that discusses the pros and cons of an epoxy garage floor coating vs. a paint or epoxy paint coating to make your garage floor more anti-skid please click here.   


For as large as a garage can be, it is often one of the most forgotten parts of the house.  With that being said, a persons garage tells the world a lot about them.  It lets people know you interests, hobbies, and what your family views as important.  Let us at Sleek Surfaces help you remember that once neglected member of the family.  Let us give it the attention that it so badly deserves.  As we do this you will see this once dull area all of the sudden come to life again!  All you have to do is give us a call!!


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